Current Projects

Side Projects in the past

That I am driving

  • Hano – Goal is to help at-least 100 designer & hobbyist turned small business to sustain-ably turn their passion into business.
  • LeanBall – Goal is to help at-least 100 angel investors understand and manage their start-up investments better.

I contributed to

  • Roundtables –  It is a group learning format for startups that have gained some initial traction (called as happy confused stage) to master tacit knowledge required for product success. Initiative as part of being Fellow at iSPIRT.
  • BootUpIndia – Another iSPIRT initiative to support the rising stars of bootstrapping in India by recognizing, promoting and supporting to cross over to the next level.
  • DHC  (Discovery Hacking Circle) – Group of startup founders that meet regularly to keep each other honest and provide peer mentorship. This helps in creating habitual impulse on things such as regularly doing customer interviews, running experiments and being structured in metrics and other good habits that an early stage startup needs to adopt.


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